Realm of Wonder


The fragmented realm is looking for its new hero. Perform the Quests given to you by the King and save the realm or overthrow the King and crown yourself the new King. You will need magic, tactical thinking and imagination in this adventure!

REALM OF WONDER takes players to a brand new world with mysterious marshlands, dry deserts and fairytale woods that ooze magic. A single twist of the revolving game board may change the game altogether. With plenty of strategic choices and room for imagination, players of all levels can play Realm of Wonder as it offers room for development as well as real adventure!

Contents: Game Board, 6 Game Characters, 6 Character Cards, 6 Special Ability Discs, 6 Turn Markers and 6 Scoring Counters, 110 Cards, 2 Dice (+stickers), 60 Fort Discs, 6 Houses, 36 Tower Tiles, 50 Magic Point Discs, 6 Bonus Tiles, 6 Victory Discs, Story Book, rules.

Realm of Wonder is now available with following languages:
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