Realm of Wonder
Card Game

A chilly but bright morning dawns in a deep forest in a faraway corner of the realm. The morning mist lingers and envelopes the giant mushrooms that grow in the forest, also disguising the path of a cautious traveler from watchful eyes. A huge white figure shakes off dew droplets from its fur and peers around restlessly, searching for something. The coldness does not bother the furry yeti – it is poised to attack, waiting for the opponent to make a move. Its partner in battle, the troll, stands by its side. A magical duel between the heroes of the realm is taking place.

Suddenly, the air feels electric. The snails drawn forward by their curiosity disappear inside their shells again. The yeti and the troll feel the ground shaking beneath them. Without warning, the mushroom next to the pair is thrown aside and the gathered dew from its cap is splashed in the air. For a glorious second, all the yeti sees is the glittering sparkle of a thousand droplets in the air and flashing rainbows on their surface. But this is what he has been waiting for: in through the mushroom stems wanders the cyclops, bursting with the will to battle. Right next to him waiting for his turn stands the wizard, an experienced fighter.

This foursome feels at home dueling with magic, that much is clear. They battle over the reign of the regions in the realm and more importantly, over the control of powerful magic orbs. The King must not learn of these fights, for he seeks to preserve his sovereignty and keep these magic orbs equally distributed in the hands of the fair and just. Too much magic in a single person’s possession might cause his downfall. You run the risk of falling in the King’s bad graces, but also of getting riches beyond belief.

Cunning, bravery and skill will aid a lucky player to victory. Embark on a doubles match between the characters of Realm of Wonder! Choose a worthy partner and challenge your friend to battle!

Content: 150 tribe cards, 15 region cards, quick reference guide