Solve the over-arcing mystery of the four Master Wizards, and find out how to stop the devastating
showers of fungus-infested meteorites falling from the sky.

Agemonia is both a board game and role-playing adventure rolled into one for young players. Play together with friends and achieve unique experiences limited only by your collective imagination.  Build your own hero-to-be from eight magical races, each with their own spells and special abilities.  As you advance from levels 1-20, use the flexible ability-trees to customize your character.  Become a furious Warrior, an agile Rogue, a protective Healer, a formidable Magician, or any combination of the four.

Though a typical game lasts from one to four hours, you can stop the game at any time and later pick-up from where you left off. Role-play is run by a Game-master (choose one of your friends to run the game). The Game-master adjudicates the game’s rules, channels the direction and pacing of the adventure, describes the players’ surroundings and plays the opponents in the game. In this way, the Game-master is a storyteller who reacts to the players in the same manner that the make-believe world would react to the players’ actions.

When gameplay requires a more precise sequencing of events (for example in combat) it is played in rounds by which players act in a specific order depending on their initiative scores. Otherwise, during the gameplay the characters solve puzzles, interact with characters played by the Game-master, conduct adventures of different sizes, and much more.  Maybe you’ll build a castle, became a noble, cause (or end) a war… the sky is the limit!

The Agemonia Starter-Box includes: 2 rule-booklets: one for the players, and one for the Game-master.  Here you can find all the information needed for playing the game and creating characters. 4 major adventure booklets (with all of the necessary detailed maps and diagrams) entitled, The Secret of Lock-Mountain, The Observatory Run, Master of the Coral Palace and The Curse of Barkwood. 16 monster descriptions. 1 rich world-map with information about villages, cities and places of interest. 6 encounter maps to enrich gameplay. Various dice and character tokens


Agemonia is fully funded and we are currently looking for publisher for release in 2017.


Agemonia has been tested for over two years now in the Lelumuseo Hevosenkenkä (Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä) at the WeeGee Exhibition Centre in Espoo (near Helsinki). Conducted in tandem with our Roleplaying Course, it has been a big success story for which we have received heaps of positive feedback from both children and parents. Two groups of ten children participated in an eight-week course. The main objective was to teach children how to play a role-play game independently from adults – showing them how to become game-masters and form their own groups of players. Children were encouraged to solve problems through co-operation with their group and through creative thinking, thereby developing social skills and promoting the value that everybody is an important individual.


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